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Promotion video of "Mirage" available (Real Time Format)

Alexandre Grimailo Studios, "Favorite" group (Russia), "Premier shows" and "JMusic" (England) represent fascinating show "Mirage" which is the new version of "Trance" ("The Dream of The Little Prince").

Booklet of
"Mirage" available

Alexandre Grimailo Studios in the co-authorship with known artist M.Chemiakin conducts preparation for creation of vanguard show " Metaphysics, the Geometrical circus ".
This project assumes use of painting and scenography of M.Chemiakin in a combination to A.Grimailo's vanguard circus acts.

Alexandre Grimailo Studios has taken part directed by circus show at opening ceremony of an exhibition "Expo" in South Korea in August, 2003.


Alexandre Grimailo Studios together with acrobatic national school "Sarakasi" (Kenya) has taken part directed by original show " The African's " for " Bourne Leisure Limited " (UK). Show have been submitted by two groups of the African artists which acted in Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness (UK) during the period from 03.05.03 till 02.11.03

Show "TRANCE - 2001" performed in the UK: 
  in Bognor Regis  
  in Skegness 
  in Minehead 

 In 2001, Alexandre Grimailo Studios started the preparations to the new show "CLIMBERS". The show tells about the life of climbers - the people who dedicated themselves to this dangerous and courageous sport. The story is basing upon the culture of the famous Column Rocks in Krasnoyarsk region.