"SPIRAL" - equilibre on the original device in Victoria Biliaouer's performance. This is act from circus show " the Geometrical circus ". The director - A.Grimailo.


Victoria BilYAUER- representative of famous circus dinasty. She started in circus when he was 5. In 1992 the act of "Women's Pair" (with her mother) was produced and had a great success in many countries of the world. They are laureates of many prestigious competitions. She toured in France, Japan, Germany, the USA, Israel, Netherlands, the UAE and other countries.
Since 2000, she is training in the Studio of A.Grimailo, where her new act of geometric circus has been produced.
In 2001, she performed in the show "Trance" in the UK. In 2002-2003 she toured in Portugal.
In 2004 she participated in Golden Circus Festival (Italy) and has received the premium of mayor of the city of Rome.
2005-2006 - Palazzo Variete (Germany)