"Ecccentric Clowns"

Alexander Emelin was trained in the State school of circus and variety art during the period with 1990 on 1993.
In 1994 under the direction of A.Grimailo the collective "Emelin & Co" has been created. Since this moment and till today these clowns are circus performers in Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.
His participants possess bright and original characters. Elegance of costumes is easy combined with eccentric and fine possession of many circus genres.
In 1996 "Emelin & Co" all over again become owners of the bronze award of "Festival Mondial Du Cirque de Demain" in Paris, and then winners of competition of performers. Also they participate in shootings prestigious าย-show "Die Sterne in der Manege" (Germany) and work in "Centring Highlands Resort " (Malaysia).
1997 was gave out for artists not less successful by quantity of awards and participation in every possible known shows:
- Winners of the premium "Golden Ostap" (Odessa);
- A silver medal at 1-st All-Russia festival - competition of a circus art;
- Show in the Kremlin with David Kopperfield.
1998 - "People and animals" (Berlin), Hotel "Lotte": Show of Las Vegas in Pusan (South Korea).
1999 - "Butlins" (England).
2000 - "Circus Benneweis" (Denmark).
In 2001 artists again win the next award: a bronze medal on " Golden Circus Festival " (Italy).
2002 - a special prize at International festival Du Cirque Monte Carlo, "Ahoy" (Rotterdam, Holland).
2003 - TV-show "Die Sterne in der Manege" (Germany) and "Circus Krone" (Germany)
2005 - Sport Palas in Japan
Now "Emelin & Co" are constantly claimed artists as in Russia, and abroad and have wide world popularity.